The Oliver's

Chihuahua Haven

(Chi'Hua'Hua' Ha'ven)

Home of the **Hawaiian Barking Rat


Sniper Kitty

Newport, North Carolina

This site is just for fun. We do hope that you find some of our information here useful as well as entertaining. In some places you will notice that we have gotten serious, but in most areas  we have tried to keep it light. We have also tried to provide many links to pictures, other pages and websites, so look for them (some where you might least expect them). The site is under continuous construction, visit often and look for new links and pages coming in the near future.

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting.

Hunter M Oliver Jr &  Sarah A Oliver

Please e-mail us and let us know what you think about the site.

**No offense to the people, language or State of Hawaii is intended by this web site.  We lived there for several years, still have friends there and love the people and culture of the State of Hawaii and almost everything about it.

Last Updated:  01/14/2004