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Hawaiian 101      An introduction to the Hawaiian language

In case you weren't aware of it, the name  Chihuahua could not be a Hawaiian word. the Hawaiian alphabet only has twelve letters and the letter 'C' isn't one of them. The letters in the Hawaiian alphabet are: a,e,i,o,u,h,k,l,m,n,p & w.

A Few Hawaiian Words
'Ahi            Tuna fish (esp. the yellow-fin tuna)
Aloha                                                             Many different forms of greeting (with qualifier participles), but  used singularly, can mean "Love", "Hello" or "Good-Bye" 
Haole    White person, formerly-any foreigner
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou "Happy New Year"
Kama'aina native-born, a long time resident of the Islands
Kane Male, masculine, husband
Mahimahi Dolphin fish
Mahalo                                                           "Thank you very much" (Many 'haoles' think it means "Trash Can", as seen on trash receptacles throughout the islands, but they're wrong.)
Mele Kalikimaka        "Merry Christmas"
 Wahine Woman, lady, wife

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Southern 101     Some terms you may hear while traveling in the south eastern part of the USA. I don't necessarily agree with the use of some of the terms, however, they may still be heard.

A Few Southern Terms
better                                         Depending on its use in the sentence, it may have the same meaning as normal (good, better, best) or it may be substituted for the terms "should" or "need too" or "ought too". Example: "I better go home"
figgered                                     used in place of figured, it has many meanings; i.e. calculated, regarded, considered, concluded, decided, thought about, made up your mind                      
git                       leave, sometimes used with "on"("git on") Example:. "I better git on so I won't be late")
y'all                                           pronounced like "ball" with a "y" (ya-all) a commonly used contraction of the term "you all" but used for one or more individuals and sometimes animals. Example: "Y'all dogs better git from here").

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