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Eglin Site C-6 (FPS-85)

USAF Satellite Tracking System


Site C-6

Eglin AFB, Florida

My job consists of modifying the most powerful spacetrack radar in the world. The AN/FPS-85 is a phased array radar system housed in a thirteen story building, located at Eglin AFB, FL. It is 30 years old and still performs it's assigned mission as no other radar can do.  Our job is to update the transmitters, which were originally designed using (state of the art for 1963) vacuum tube technology, to solid state electronics making this radar a valuable resource well into the 21st century. Commisioned for development in 1963, designed and built by Bendix Radio Corporation, the first system burned to the ground in 1965 prior to acceptance by the U.S. Air Force. It was rebuilt and finally became operational in 1967. It continues to be the most valuable resource in the U.S. inventory for maintaining the space object catalog.

Old vs New

Pre-Modified Transmitter

Modified Transmitter

Original Configuration

New Configuraion

The Modification Process
Transmitter Dissassembly

First we take the old electronics units out of the transmitter assembly.

Drilling Assembly

Then we drill the holes in the chassis for the new electronics.

Installation of Modules

Next we install all of the new electronics.

Performance Test Set

Finally, we "hot" test the entire modified transmitter before reinstalling in the array face